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in light of the snooper’s charter, thinking about going as off-grid as possible with a VPN + Hushmail next year. Obviously there’s only so much you can do but nonetheless I don’t particularly want T-May getting all up in my business. Anyone already using this stuff? @moker?


If you’ve nothing to fear you’ve got nothing to hide or something


Yeah. I mean hushmail has regularly handed over info to govt which i’m fine with – heavy shit needs dealing with, sure. i’m just less fine with records of my life being quite so freely accessible.


Yeah, what AV said, if you don’t want to be treated like a criminal, don’t be a criminal




think this is your only hope. unfortunately though we won’t be able to chat online again. can’t be helped!


On the subject of privacy, what do people think about this plea?


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You have most likely made your way up the “watch list” after posting this.


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I’m not even on facebook.


How about a vaguely serious answer?

This is a good resource to get started: https://www.privacytools.io. It’s way deeper than you’ll probably want to go but gives a comprehensive guide on what you can do to limit companies and governments recording data about you.

Three really easy things you can do to help, in order of easiness/cheapness:

  • Install an adblocker that allows you to block companies that collect data about you. The Snooper’s Charter is one thing, the hundreds of other companies collecting and collating information about you is quite another. Blocking cookies and trackers removes the easiest route that most companies do that.
  • Go to a paid-for, encrypted email service that’s not based within the Five Eyes countries (ideally, not within the Fourteen Eyes countries). Hushmail is ok, but I prefer Protonmail. There’s a free tier that’s suitable for most.
  • Get a VPN and use it on your mobile as well as your laptop/desktop. Again, one based outside of Five/Fourteen is best, but I’ve found that F-Secure’s Freedome is easy to use.


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Yeah just bought a year with Cyberghost. Currently talking to you ‘from’ Panama. Hushmail is next.


ooh didn’t know proton


Protonmail’s really good. It’s totally encrypted so they don’t have any access to your mail at all.


Yep just reading up, this is great. Going to sign up for an initial free account and mull premium. Cheers fellas.


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like I say. No dreams of ever being totally off-grid here (i have facebook so…) but happy to have privacy while operating legally.