Going down stairs

that have a turn in them - if you come up against someone coming up the stairs at the same time, would you take the outside, against the wall, or the inside?

Please use this thread to debate staircase etiquette.

Take the outside, always


They could just step over me because I’d be going down the stairs on my bum.


Take the outside when you’re descending, or ascending as well?

Take in inside when going up


This is the correct answer.

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I’d always give priority to the person coming up – they’re working harder and have a less formidable view of the situation.

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Spiral staircases in medieval castles were specifically designed to favour the right sword-hands of descending defenders. Clever.


I like to jump down the stairs in our house. I am twenty nine years old.


Slide down the bannister shouting ‘cowabunga’ and doing this


Depends, I would always keep left.

I need a photo of these stairs.

I need a photo of these stairs.

Natural inclination is to keep left, so on the inside going down and outside going up, usually.

To be honest, I just move to whatever side the other person isn’t most of the time.

Here you are! First photo is the first leg of the stairs going down from the first floor, second photo is after it turns looking down into our hall.

Ah, good. Slight relief at it not being one fell swoop, although this is also tinged with disappointment.

I would also be jumping down these stairs.

Have you put the rugs down at the bottom as crash mats due to your exploits? Second one in case you tumble off the first?

The lower half is more fun as you can grab the bannister rail on the left, place your palm on the wall on the right and hurl yourself down!

Unfortunately not, they’re just there to absorb the detritus trailed in by my various housemates over the course of a wet Irish winter/spring/summer/autumn!

I would say downwards gets the outside.

But if they insisted on going outside I would be okay if there was a handrail.

This image is so hypnotic. Where did you find it?

Fuck knows man, just goog’d surfer hand sign gif.

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