Going for a curry

Let’s talk about the wonders and joys of going for a curry, share our favourite dishes and anecdotes, and reminisce about this wonderful, quintessentially British thing to do. We should cherish them now, because if Theresa May has her way, we won’t have any left:

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Babur the other night was fucking incredible, cheers for the hot-tip fellow SE LDNers

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my favourite is usually lamb dopiaza

I’m eating a curry right now at my desk.

Fucking love a curry. My local does these ridic spinach and paneer dumpling things and they are incredible.

Babur is indeed :100: as Ant says.

when you go to a slightly grotty one and the mango chutney for the poppadoms is basically just honey :heart_eyes:

when you get a massive bottle of Tiger or Kingfisher because they come in 660ml bottles :heart:


I live right by Brick Lane but find the idea of actual curry house reps a bit pushy so still haven’t been to one there. I’m sure they’re nice though! Haven’t had a good curry for ages actually…


we’d go here as 16 year olds, eat curry, drink pints and pints of kingfisher lager and then throw it all up on the way home.

you been to that all you can eat veggie curry place on chapel market?

Lahore Kebab House on Commercial Road is better than anything on Brick Lane

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Less pushy I’m sure, a good half hr away though :confused:

Damn, no I missed that! I used to work on Rosebery Avenue as well so used to go to that market all the time. Bah.

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Might start only frequenting restaurants that have youtube accounts.

Yes. The food is alright, the decor is very peculiar.

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Love a curry with the lads


I think “decor” is pushing it tbh

oh shit, amazing, hadn’t realized.

best bits are the action shots in the kitchen, and when customers realize they’re being filmed.

is curry the only food house?

you don’t get pizza houses or burger houses