Going for a local Indian tonight

Chicken madras
Garlic naan
No rice

Anyone else having a local Indian?

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Do they offer the lesser-seen lamb badam pasanda?

No, we’re having a beige seafood feast.

Thanks for your response

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I don’t know and if I’m honest I don’t care, my order never changes

Lovely! I hope you enjoy it

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Why no rice?

Cheers for asking

I get a couple of takeaway menus and read them out, and you say Pilau or Egg Fried.

So y’know, if I said Chicken madras, Garlic Naan…


And also with you.

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It’s no Big Mother

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Did you say no rice?

oi! they do banquet night round your way? is round these ends.

No I’m not.

I hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy your meal X


Rubbish isn’t it

No chips?

No, sorry

My sister gets rice, chips and naan. Triple carbs! In awe of her honestly.

I might be tempted by some chips, we’ll see.

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