Going for an interview for a job you don't want


I tried, but it’s not happening.


by the way guys, I’ve realised if you just keep staying at a certain level and apply for things you’re over-qualified for, you always get the job! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

just gonna spend the rest of my life doing paid internships all around the world


Got offered the job. Is it the definition of privilege to be annoyed when you get a job offer?


Tell em you want 100k smackeroonis per anum or it ain’t flyin pal


Pauper wages?


The problem is that I’m well paid in my current job and this new job is back in academia and nearly a £20k pay cut which I can’t go down to. The job is really attractive and better work/life balance etc, but can’t afford it. I asked If I could be put towards the top of the pay scale because that would reduce it to about a £10k pay cut which would potentially be viable, but they can’t do it.


Take it and just skim money off on the sly.


kin ell mate just put em out of their misery already!


Think it’s time to give your identical twin brother a call. Or if you don’t have one, fire up the ol’ cloning machine.


No, I’M jontosh2001! :levitate:


Look, stop shillyshallying. Get out of the way and I’ll do the bloody job if you’re not going to.