Going full Karen: emailing a CEO for a refund

Ever done this? I’ve just fired one off to easyJet’s CEO because customer service won’t give me a cash refund on flights on a route that no longer exists. Not expecting this to work but got to try something, right?


can’t email CEOs for refunds if you don’t really buy anything in the first place


Did it once years ago.

The CEO responded and got it escalated and resolved very quickly.

Currently work in a company where stuff that people complain personally to the CEO about gets escalated.

It’s a shit system but it works.


Had a problem with sky years ago, emailed James Murdoch and it got sorted.

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Pretty much, yeah.

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For some reason HMRC always put the head of their department’s name on their correspondence so a couple of times I’ve emailed them direct when HMRC are being next level useless. Generally works quite well.

C E NO I have not done this.

Best of luck with your endeavours and hope you reach a satisfactory conclusion

The Tony Blair story

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They’ve got two Chase Bliss pedals worth of my money and I want it back

can’t say i have but good luck to you.

They don’t expect you to go to these lengths so i see great things for you in the future. May get an offer to visit their office or something.


Didn’t @BodyInTheThames have an issue with a manufacturer in Sweden? seem to remember him talking about emailing the boss and subsequently being banned from using the company?

Go fuck them up

I actually had some kind of success doing this years ago!

think it was about ten years ago and I had broadband with O2, but it stopped working. called up and they said it was because I’d left and transferred to another provider, which was not the case. after a bit of digging, it turned out that someone had signed up for Sky broadband at a different address using my land-line number, and thus had basically stolen my Internet. Sky and O2 said that this was impossible as they have systems in place to make sure that the phone number you enter matches the address it goes with, but obviously something had gone wrong. and because it wasn’t me who now had the account on my phone line, they couldn’t tell me who had done it, wouldn’t look into resolving it and basically all shrugged and said it was the other’s fault. BT wouldn’t help either, and said the only solution was to get a second phone line and get broadband set up on there.

so I emailed a load of Sky big shots including James Murdoch to tell them to sort it the fuck out. next day I got a call from a nice lady at Sky, they said they’d sorted it, gave me the PAC or whatever code I needed to transfer the broadband to whoever I wanted, and sent me £100 to say sorry. got set up with someone else shortly after, broadband was sorted pretty soon after, job done :+1:


Ha ha ha! Not funny but also quite funny

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Someone rang up in my old call centre job and asked to speak to the CEO, had to tell him to get a grip


Did they offer you something else on return, put of interest?

I think I’ve got that right, but better for BITS to confirm…

Pretty ballsy telling the CEO to get a grip


lonely on a Thursday afternoon eh?