Going here after work

Going here after work:

tezzers, home

Didn’t want to rise to the bait, but can see them cooking the shit.

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They think that parmesan is vegetarian. I wouldn’t trust them.

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I’d tell you what I’d do.

I’m sit down order myself a nice pilsner to start. Followed by an order of the lamb meat ball sticks and a swan signature soup. Get the tastes bud fired up.
Upon main course ordering, will take a nice rustic bourbon to go with my Louisiana Okra Gumbo and a small greek salad.
Probably an additional bourbon to wash down my apple pie calzone for dessert.

Then call into work when I got home because I would be on the couch for an entire day.

Happy eating!


Vegetarian parmesan is vegeterian

well to be honest I just read the first post upon opening the menu as food distracts me.

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Can’t be arsed wading through the war crime of a menu. Do they do chips? I’d get some chips.


There’s no such thing. If it doesn’t contain rennet, then it can’t call itself parmesan.

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It’s not, it’s called vegetarian parmesan


Everyone get in here, its kicking off. Rumble in the rennet


This one’s taking some time…

[Ach bailed. Presumably to amass some more evidence]

It’s a protected name under EU law.

It has to call itself ‘Italian hard cheese’ or something similar if it’s vegetarian or if it comes from outside the Parma region of Italy.


Fucking annoying

Alright mr “rules”

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Was round marckee’s gaff for a pasta night the other week. Good spaghetti but really did need some Grated Italian style hard cheese


hard hand skin foot cheese hand


Is grana padano veggie?

Just ask for one of everything, like a tapas restaurant.