Going it alone (poll thread, chat very much encouraged)

Following on from the cinema-going alone in the film thread, which of the below have you done on your tod?

  • Cinema
  • Theatre
  • Pub
  • Football match
  • Holiday
  • Gig
  • Night club
  • Festival

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Of the ones I haven’t done before, I think I’d be fine with going on holiday on my own, and going to the theatre.

Probably wouldn’t go to a festival on my own, I don’t think.

As I always say in these threads, it’s just a case of them all being much worse by yourself with exception of the cinema which is probably better alone. All fine otherwise, as long as you’re a straight white male who won’t experience persecution or harassment just for being outside and alone.

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don’t think I’d want to do any of these by myself except maybe a gig

Hate going to gigs by myself. Incredibly lonely between sets and just loiter about chain smoking.


going to a pub on your own is the most depressing thing ever, if I go to a pub first to meet someone there I just end up downing about three pints because I’m so nervous about how I look sitting alone drinking.

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Really enjoy holidays on my phone, only ever done long weekends though, might start losing it if it was a longer break.

I’d just turn up for the headline act and then disappear afterwards, I imagine it would be pretty freeing.

Went to end of the road 2009 on my own, thought working as a steward would make it less bleak but it didn’t

Just remembered I went in 2016 on my own, just turned up Sunday afternoon, saw a few bands, hung out in the woods, saw Joanna Newson then home by 2am, that was pretty optimal


  • Loads of workout buddies
  • I sweat out every pore and hope no one is watching, let alone anyone I know

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yeah i do this a lot due to the tragic circumstances of my life but it can be a pain, sometimes end up ringing to ask for set times and turning up when the headliner starts


I’ve done this a few times. Im quite lucky to have the Shoreditch Oval near me. I had tickets to see Preoccupations, and Destroyer. Both times I found out what time they were on and just arrived about 20 mins before they played.
It was ace.

Done most of these on my tod ('cept a footy match but I’ve never been to a footy match full stop). Festivals on your own are pretty great, you can just wander and set your own agenda without having to worry about meeting up with crowds of mates and synchronise schedules and that. Also, last time I got up to some stuff I probably wouldn’t have done if there’d been people I knew around.

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Literally everything is better alone. Yes, especially that.

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I went away for six weeks on my own once. Even as a lonely miser it got a bit much at some points.


Solo pub is one of the finest things anyone can ever do, imho.


Book, no agenda, by the fire, couple of pints. Yep.


Weird how different the bar culture is in the US. Completely normal to sit there alone at the bar and drink.

what is that achieving that isn’t better at home though?