Going out for dinner

when you go out for dinner and you know what restaurant you’re going to well in advance - do you check the menu to decide (or at least narrow down) what your going to have? I’m going out on Saturday and I’ve already decided what I’m having. Is this weird?

  • I do this all the time
  • Of course I don’t, I have a life

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My answer is “I sometimes do this”


Thanks for your contribution :slightly_smiling_face:

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i look at the menu before hand but usually don’t decide til i’m there. i like to eye up a few choices on the menu and then ultimately decide on the spot when asked by the waiter, sometimes i’ve surprised myself!!!*

*and not ordered a burrito, yeah yeah

Valid point. Not saying the decision is set in stone, just like to know what I’m looking forward to.

You’re possibly setting yourself up for a fall here, laelf. What if they don’t have what you want for some reason?

You’re going to a chain restaurant that you have been to several times before, you ordering the same thing every time, friend?

  • Certainly, I know this menu inside out and the Sunset Burger is obviously the best thing on it
  • No way, variety is the spice of life

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Yeah I have a quick scan of the menu beforehand but then often pick off the specials board.

Edit: my wife is also incredibly indecisive so I’m glad she does this before we go anywhere. She once spent close to 15 minutes picking from a menu that had 3 starters and 3 mains.

I do like to know what I’m getting so in the run up to it I can get deliriously excited. The problem with this is if they don’t have what I normally have on the menu :scream: DISASTER.

Sooo, if it’s a new restaurant, I don’t bother. If its one I’ve been to before then I already know what I’m having! Unless they frequently change their menu, in which case I won’t decide until I’m there.

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I don’t know any chain restaurants well enough to do this, and hope this will stay the same in the future

As above, I would be so foolish as to set the decision in stone. But you’re right, I have been disappointed in this way before.

@kermitwormit paneer tikka makhani, probably with a peshwari naan.

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Is Aggpass being:

  • A full-on knobhead
  • A Durr-brain
  • Smug and aloof
  • Misunderstood and overcompensating
  • All of the above

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You’re out for dinner with your TV. You both want the same dish for mains.

  • This doesn’t bother me
  • This bothers me

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Not weird, but I don’t do it. If I’ve got a meal out planned I’m usually all like CORRR GONNA DEMOLISH A STEAK (or whatever) and get super excited… then usually order something completely different when I get there and take in all the yummy specials / full menu. Hungry now.


I had meant to add the word ‘menu’ in there, if it changes the sentiment I’m not sure

No idea why I made this anonymous. It’s not Thursday.

Only bothers me if it’s Chinese or Indian that you would probably have shared.

I would order something else, but it wouldn’t bother me

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I voted for “misunderstood and overcompensating” so my sentiments are pure