Going the sandwich shop for lunch

Specifically Dory’s on Hardman St


You know the sort of place: cold baps, hot baguettes, paninis, salad boxes, loads of fresh salad vegetables, any sauce you like, the works. They do falafel and hummus too. Gonna have a chicken club sandwich on toasted white sandwich bread, can’t wait.

What would you get

Streaky bacon and egg mayo on fresh white

Always hard to pass up falafel imo


BLT - bacon, lettuce, tongue

Yeah I’d go for the falafel, olive, tomato and hummus but I’d request it in a panini roll if possible and not a baguette because I want soft bread please.

Actually never mind everyone

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Its moved back to the old shop a few doors down! I had a chicken tikka on a white baguette yesterday (with cucumber and mayo)

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False alarm it had moved down the road


This thread had a pleasing ending with some mild jeopardy in the middle. Oh and ill have egg mayo on white with tomato.

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Chicken mayo with jalapenos and red onion on white baguette. That was always my staple.

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