Going to a Christmas meal with work colleagues and it's all paid for by your boss

They were probably all smashing gear in the toilets in between courses tbh.


You obviously don’t work in Aberdeen.

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Wouldn’t worry about the cost thing. But I have worked in places where drinking at lunch just isn’t really done if you’re heading back to the office afterwards.

I will always get at least one beer if we’re doing a company lunch. Usually the largest available.

Just go into his office, have a massive piss on his desk, and shout ‘there you go big man, take that back and claim a refund’. That should sort it.

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don’t think you should feel guilty about this.

folk in here always buy loads of drinks on their own accord and i wouldn’t have it any other way, yeah if they start ordering quadruple louis XIII i might have something to say about it.
In here we buy dinner, all the booze associated with dinner and additional drinks and always give the most sensible person who is hanging on after i leave with the credit card with the instructions ‘don’t take the piss’

This OP reminds me of those teenage lads who posted on facebook about how crazy and LADDY they were on a trip away by buying a couple of crates of beer, and after you’d done the maths, it turned out that they’d drunk three pints a day for a weekend or something.

can I come work for you lo-pan?

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hmmm not too sure about that ctl, think you’re the kinda guy who orders the quadruple louis XIII! :wink:


fair! :laughing:

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As if you’re not the last to leave!


ha, i am well out of there before they’ve had a few too many and start telling me what they think i’m doing wrong/what they’d do if they ran it :slight_smile:



Username / post


based on no evidence whatsoever, I assume your boss was doing this as a way to avoid tax somehow so yeah it’s fine


We’re having our work Christmas party in the office on Thursday, We’ve spent more than a grand just on beer (I know because I placed the order, including some really fancy stuff because hey it’s Christmas and the boss was never going to notice). Oi oi!

Efficiencies of the private sector!

Us public sector bods are at least better at keeping things simple at the Xmas do - we know what’s ok to have because we pay for it all ourselves innit.

Mate, your boss is boshing this whole thing on expenses, either blatantly or under some kind of fudge such as charging it all to the “team building” budget.

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Tuxed up and passed out from the shindig :wink:

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“tuxed” up, aye :smiley:

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can’t help but feel you’ve been besmirching my good name all day. :wink:

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