Going to a restaurant on your own

Loads. Fucking love it.

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There’s nothing I haven’t done alone. Big fan of myself.


Love going alone and making all the waiters sweat by acting like I could maybe be a food critic


“Can you place a mirror on the other seat please chief”



Best meal I’ve ever had was when I had to go to a Michelin starred restaurant in Monaco on my own for work. If I had the time and the cash, I’d do that again.


Done it. Feel a nob. I like it, gonna listen to the Gamble and Crosby podcast


Perfectly fine. Do it loads. I didn’t even mind when one place sat me at a table for one facing the wall.

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Yes! I went to Atrio in Caceres on my own and they sent me home with extra pudding but didn’t do that for anyone else, which backs up my loners must be food critics theory


Its good, think the only thing I struggle with solo is a theme park but only bc I’m a chicken who needs emotional support during rollercoaster rides

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Crunch and Crumble?

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Done it when I’ve been travelling alone. Used to go out for a cooked breakfast every Saturday back when I lived down the road from a decent cafe too

Find it a little bit more awkward and slightly less fun than the other standard going out alone activities (pub, cafe, cinema, gig etc)

Still good though

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Yes, love doing this!

Youre right mate sorry, typo

My work mate does this and I so admire her for it. I’m so desperate to go to Disneyland but my tv is really very against it and I don’t know anyone else who would be up for it so I think I should maybe just go on my own? But waaaah I want to share my immense excitement with someone!!!

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Yeah think it’s absolutely fine for people to do but I don’t enjoy it personally. Wish I did

Yeah i am not enjoying it

Smash a couple of pints down and start asking the waiting staff personal questions to liven it up a bit