Going to a stag-do/hen-party but not the wedding

Poor form?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends

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context here is the wedding is abroad, and the day after we return from holiday…

How far in advance have you known the date of the wedding?

After we’d booked the holiday

Sounds reasonable not to go. You’re not the best man are you?

Dunno why there’d be a problem with this, tbh.

Totally fine then.

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Or the groom?


dramatic pause

It’s me getting married!!!

(no, not the best man)


thanks marckee. I’ll link 'em to this thread if needs be

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Worst, if anything

oh sure, will be doing so.

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Are you just hoping for a shout out in the absent friends toast or something?

ooo, I hadn’t thought of that!!!

(don’t you have to be dead/incarcerated to count though?)

Dunno mate, I wasn’t there

when do you get out of the slammer dude?

Got a ten stretch hanging over my head mate

saves you getting a new jumper.

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Wow, that’s some harsh shit, dude :frowning:

(I mean for you not by you)

Or a child, as a stand in.

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