Going to a stag-do/hen-party but not the wedding

did you shout out / at the baby?

Sorry I misread this and thought it said “Inviting someone to the stag but not the wedding” - which happened to a friend once, after he spent £££ on going abroad for the stag. Niiiiiice.

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Sounds like an emotional day. How was the cake?

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Wow, not even the evening do? That seems crazy.

I meant to say yes, not no.

please pay more attention on 8 June!!!


Uh huh, had to reduce the budget apparently. Not sure they’re still friends.

this has done me


Just to confirm you’re not saying they actually invited him and then uninvited him, which somehow feels even worse?

No they invited him to the stag, the wedding was much later after for some reason and in that time they realised they couldn’t include him.

Ah right. Fucked up.

Yeah this happened to me once. Fucking ridiculous.

Going to a stag but not a wedding (so long as you’re unable to go to the wedding for good reason) is totally fine. Don’t see what the problem is.

Not stag related. I know someone who was best man for a wedding in Australia and he booked a month off with his wife. Then two months before, the wedding was brought forward and moved to the USA. So he ended up taking a long weekend for best man duties without his wife. She had no more leave to take and it cost him a fortune with short notice flights.

This is bullshit*, the bride and groom should have paid for his flights in that case

*The situation, not your story

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Weddings are also expensive for guests. If you add up the cost for a stag-do and hen-party abroad, some new clothes and shoes, a weekend stay for the wedding, meals and drink; it’s the best part of £1000. It would be cheaper not to go and just send the bride and groom a £100 gift voucher. That’s £900 saved.