Going to bed now, night night everyone

Hi Theo


Did you sleep well?


How come?

Shit the bed?


I knew you would say exactly those words.

Looked at screens too much, stayed up too late, got a bad back, stupid baby woke up at 4am, 5am and 6am.

That sounds like a real pain Smee. I’m sorry to hear it.

If it’s any consolation, I had a terrible night’s sleep on Wednesday night.

No consolation whatsoever, I wish every human could sleep perfectly every single night. Imagine that world!

Why did you sleep badly?

What happened was, I was out with my friends and got in late (by my standards), as such, my partner was already asleep in what can only be described as “the middle of the bed” and also, I was unable to get my usual sleeping pill (which I have developed what could probably be described as “an addiction and dependence” on without waking her) and also the window was open because it was hot but our window being open means the blinds can’t be shut so I had the noise of the trains wake me up at 5am and also the sunrise meant I couldn’t get back to sleep.

I’m sad to hear about this, I hope you had a good night out beforehand at least

It was quite nice thank you, unfortunately we didn’t order enough food at the Korean BBQ place we went to so we were all still quite hungry

so few people understand that you’re allowed to order more in this situation.

Yeah, what we said was “should we order more?” but we all said about “I’ll probably just get some chips on the way home” or whatever but I, personally, didn’t get any chips.

OK. Think I’m going to log off dis and try to stay off until 2pm. Can you remind me of this if you see me about please?

Yeah, will do mate.

All the best,
Take care,
Warm regards,