Going to gigs in your own

We’ve done this before - but I personally have never done this

I might go to a gig on my own soon !
I also suspect I might be the oldest person there
Good idea yeah? Any great stories about this stuff?


one of life’s great pleasures


Done it a few times. Take something to do while you wait between sets and stuff, that’s the only time you notice you’re on your own.

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It’s fine. I reckon I have been to way more gigs alone than I have with other people.


Why would I want to go to gigs with other people, they’ll only do it wrong


Soloed about 50% of gigs I’ve been to. I like it.

I do it loads. It’s fine but tend to feel slightly less relaxed and at ease than when I go with people. have never got chatting to a stranger at a gig but have done a few times at festivals

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I try and get there as the (main) support starts. Can require some guesswork or tracking down stage timed, but has the pro of more time to hang around at home and less time faffing on your own.

Don’t exactly like it (have to do it cos I don’t have any friends here, so a bit depressing being surrounded by people chatting) but better than missing things, innit.

more people than you think will be there on their own
no one else will care



Been to loads of gigs by myself, it’s fine, tend to read stuff on my phone or a book depending on the venue.

Would only do it for bands I really love myself tbh, but its definitely not an issue if anyone wants to (or if they’re the oldest)

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I do it loads. After about 10 years I stopped feeling awkward about it.

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Of all the things to go to by yourself this would be the worst for me.

But do what you fucking like, why would I give a shit?

Actually, maybe a test match or something would be worse.


Went to a gig on my own last night. Stood next to Steve Lamacq at the bar. Got served before him. End of story.


I’ve also done this and it was fine.

I like to give people the pleasure of my company so would find it difficult.

You have a very generous spirit

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Big fan but don’t tend to do it any more, partly because I go to fewer gigs and partly because I have a mate who’ll come to literally anything just to see what it’s like. It’s dead good though, get there when you want, stand where you want, leave when you want. Everyone just looks at their phones between bands now anyway so just do that.

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i went to an England v India test match at the Oval on my own - the one where it was Cook’s last match and i saw tickets were available so thought fuck it. it was fine, only annoying thing was there were a couple of chumps sat near me chatting various amounts of shit, and i didn’t have the easy option of talking to someone else to distract me from their bullshit. would go again.