Going to see TLC live

On my own. Should I go? Will I be surrounded by screaming women in their mid 40s?

How much is it? Which venue? Might be fun.

Not TLC without Left Eye is it? Would save your money tbh

I really like the crowds you get at all the 90s hip hop shows - everyone late 30s/early 40s, very diverse mix, lots of people who don’t go out much these days so a nice atmosphere. I’d imagine TLC would be a similar vibe. I say go. Why not?

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Watch them play all the new HITS

Saw them at KOKO last month, first ever time in the UK which is a bit mad but they were blatantly miming for most of the tracks (despite having full band) - felt a bit of a cheek when the tickets were £50.

Miming?! OK - I’ve change my recommendation. Leave it.

Thanks roasters - that’s really useful feedback.

Yeah it was really obvious too because their between song chat was really inaudible and crackly and then when a song started their vocals were suddenly pitch perfect. Nah, mate.

My husband is a big fan and was really gutted about it.