Going to the asian supermarket after work

what should i try and get? want anything picking up?

going to get some thai fish sauce and hopefully some galangal and thai basil.

any reccys?


proper dried shiitake mushrooms
mushroom sauce (better than oyster sauce)
chilli oil

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thought this was a jordo thread


Play a rollicking game of “buy the weirdest ramen”.

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Do they sell Japanese kitkats?

Noooooodles. Seriously packet noodles are unbelievably handy

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Red Bull syrup.

also i have discovered that the asian grocers are a great escape from supermarket covid misery.

if you’re weary and wary of the big shop, check out your nearest. never crowded, can get almost anything you need, smaller range but the fresh fruit and veg always seems better quality than tesco.

top tip.


any brands without palm oil?

Some amchoor please

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TV would like some banana pocky type things please

is that the mango stuff? that’s brilliant, got a big jar of the masala spice mix from the dishoom recipe book, it goes on everything.

i will check! (probably not)

Yes it is - I think it’s one of the things that’s missing from my curries

Also could you grab some black cardamom?

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Matcha Pocky, LGM Crispy Chilli, Tubs of Mae Ploy curry pastes.

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Oh, not sure :confused:

I could do with a big bottle of fish sauce if that’s ok with you?

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Few gallons of crispy chilli oil

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lao gan ma black bean chilli sauce

it’s the best