Going to the dentist

Went last week and had to have a filling. Was uncomfortable having it done but painful having to pay.

Now turns out the problem hasn’t been rectified so have to go again.

Does anyone out there not dislike the dentist?

tooth hurty!


The last time I went to the dentist was because I had really bad toothache. Got an appointment pretty quickly and it turned out I needed a root canal. Had to go back a few days later to get it finished off.

Don’t really mind the dentist (even the root canal wasn’t that bad) but I hate how pushy they are to make you go and see the hygienist these days :confused:

I really should go again – I have a recurring stain on my front teeth which re-appears after about a year of not going to the dentist. No idea what it is, the dentist couldn’t explain it either, and no amount of brushing will help.

It’s fine. Never had any bother. Slightly irked at having to pay £20 or so for someone to poke around my mouth with pointy implements. Then again it’s only every couple of years I suppose.

My dad feels slightly differently about the matter - he went to have some work done at the Dental Hospital 30 or so years ago and they bodged it, so he’s not been to the dentist since.


Pretty sure people drink more coffee than I do without staining their teeth :frowning:

Also, this time it’s only on ONE of them. So odd.

My mouth has seen some dark times.

when it’s closed right lol


Different people can drink different amounts of coffee with different results.

I’d give up coffee and tea, just to be safe though.

I fucking hate the dentist. Proper phobia. I know, it’s ridiculous, but it is just the way it is. It stems from a time 10 years ago when the dentists slipped his fuzzed polising and ruptured my tongue. Yeah. Not keen.

But my daughters need to go. So I go. And now I’ve got a shit tonne of work to be done and I’m bricking it. I’m happy to stand up in front of thousands and present technical documents; just don’t put me in the fucking chair man.


Absolutely not.


same. fucking hate it.


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Sorry @laelfy

My bottom front teeth get stained. Dentist said it was from drinking too much tea and because those teeth are a bit crooked, it’s difficult to remove by just brushing, especially if you’re drinking tea all day and then not brushing again until before bed.

I don’t mind going either, but used to hate it. Was mentally scarred by having teeth removed as a kid so when I left home I basically stopped going. Went well over 10 years without a check up and only started going again when I cracked a tooth.

The whole ‘going every 6 months’ thing is a bit of a racket, but dentists have convinced the world that it’s necessary. I like getting them cleaned though so I just go. Haircut and teeth cleaned on the same day - :muscle:

My least favourite Mountain Goats song.

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I hardly ever went as a child (thanks parents) and as a result developed a massive fear of them in my 20s which I’m only really over now. I used to have to be sedated just to have fillings, and more than once jumped out of the chair when I saw a certain needle / piece of equipment. I go every 6 months now and am fine but imagine that could have all been avoided if I had just gone regularly as a nipper.

i really need to go but dreading it and $$$ :disappointed:


My mouth is too small for the number of teeth wanting to set up home in it which has caused all manner of problems. I’ve had a quite a few extractions plus a few root canals and crowns. I get through the appointments without fuss but on more that one occasion I’ve gone back to my car after the treatment and absolutely sobbed it was so terrible. But glad you’re both amused!

Sorry - not laughing at you x