Going to the dump


How often do you go? Does your dump have any sort of etiquette? I like the wood crusher.


Bit too clean nowadays. I used to like it when you just threw everything through a hole in a wall into a massive pit room.


There’s a massive code of conduct.

  • No commercial vehicles
  • You’re supposed to have a sticker on your car to say you’re from Leeds (they don’t really check)
  • Reverse into the bays
  • No children out of the cars


I don’t go often enough. I’ve got a dead car battery knocking about in the boot of my car that needs taking, and a big bag of garden rubbish out the back too.


My previous dump you had to show your driver’s licence.


My home from home.


Some of the stuff people get rid of these days, the dump men must make a fortune


Used to go up the tip with my Dad every now and then as a younger man.

My Dad probably went up the tip about once a month and would always just go there unannounced and we’d be like “Mum, where’s Dad?” and she be like “I dunno, I thought he was here, he’s probably gone to the tip”


Never been to one


was talking about this with someone just yesterday.

helped the tv’s family clear out her grandma’s flat a few years back, which requires several trips to the tip to dispose of old furniture. started out feeling quite apprehensive and guilty about destroying all this stuff, but after a couple of goes at hurling cabinets and shit into the crusher, i was a full convert. so much fun and pure catharsis.

by the afternoon we were tearing around the place desperately trying to find more stuff to destroy.


Sorry mate this a thread about the dump


When I moved abroad I did about 7 trips to the dump. Hated it by the end.


The guy on the gate at my dump was a bit sleazy towards my wife the last 2 times we went. Was odd


I’ve been meaning to go for the past year. It’s just down the road so I’ve got no excuse really.


↑ Stig




A sleazy man?! In THIS day and age?!


My apologies.

Got a mate who worked at the dump for a bit, he used to always go on about “you wouldn’t believe what people throw away mate!” then he became one of those Securicor men with the helmets and now he’s a Rentokill ratcatcher man


did you all take turns to twat him about the head to ‘test’ the helmet at any point?


My Dad was exactly the same was always disappearing down the dump