Going to the dump

How often do you go? Does your dump have any sort of etiquette? I like the wood crusher.

Bit too clean nowadays. I used to like it when you just threw everything through a hole in a wall into a massive pit room.


There’s a massive code of conduct.

  • No commercial vehicles
  • You’re supposed to have a sticker on your car to say you’re from Leeds (they don’t really check)
  • Reverse into the bays
  • No children out of the cars
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I don’t go often enough. I’ve got a dead car battery knocking about in the boot of my car that needs taking, and a big bag of garden rubbish out the back too.

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My previous dump you had to show your driver’s licence.

My home from home.


Some of the stuff people get rid of these days, the dump men must make a fortune

Used to go up the tip with my Dad every now and then as a younger man.

My Dad probably went up the tip about once a month and would always just go there unannounced and we’d be like “Mum, where’s Dad?” and she be like “I dunno, I thought he was here, he’s probably gone to the tip”


Never been to one

Sorry mate this a thread about the dump

When I moved abroad I did about 7 trips to the dump. Hated it by the end.

The guy on the gate at my dump was a bit sleazy towards my wife the last 2 times we went. Was odd

I’ve been meaning to go for the past year. It’s just down the road so I’ve got no excuse really.

↑ Stig



A sleazy man?! In THIS day and age?!

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My apologies.

Got a mate who worked at the dump for a bit, he used to always go on about “you wouldn’t believe what people throw away mate!” then he became one of those Securicor men with the helmets and now he’s a Rentokill ratcatcher man


My Dad was exactly the same was always disappearing down the dump


This story has everything.


Nah, never saw him on duty unfortunately. Most recent time I saw him it was revealed that he’d done the pest control for a street of new-build properties that one of my other mates’ dads had just moved into and when his dad moved in he moaned that there was a skidmark in the toilet and it turned out that it was our pest control mate that had done a shit in his house on accounts of how he was going on about “oh yeah, I had to do pest control for that street a while ago and I did a shit in one of the toilets”