Gold Flake Paint magazine

I know there was a bit of interest in our new physical journal here, so just to let you know that we’re selling a few more copies of Issue One today, after a long-lost box was finally found by FedEx :’)

You can get it via Bandcamp, and there’s images and info etc here:

100 pages, beautifully curated and designed, and featuring interviews with Mitski, David Bazan, Swearin’, Kathryn Joseph, Phosphorescent, Tomberlin, Iron & Wine, Tasha, Devon Welsh, Half Waif + personal essays, photography, new music recommendations, and more.

Issue Two will be out in January and announced very soon! Thanks for your interest <3


I picked up a copy in the Glad Cafe a couple of weeks ago, it’s such a beautiful thing. The articles I’ve read so far have been great, and it’s made me listen to stuff I wouldn’t’ve earlier.

I’ll definitely be getting issue two!

So glad to hear that, thank you for picking it up :orange_heart:

It’s a lovely thing. I urge anybody to pick up a copy.

Oh - you can also get a digital version for just £2.00:

Thank you for always supporting, it means a lot!

Good morning! Issue 2 was announced last night.
It’s released in January but available to pre-order now, as well as a 4 Issue / 2019 subscription ~thing:

Issue 2 has big interviews with Sharon Van Etten, The Twilight Sad, Jessica Pratt, Damien Jurado, Advance Base, Tiny Ruins, and a couple of lovely secret things we’re not allowed to talk about just now.

Plus there’s a big 2018 review ~thing, personal essays, etc etc etc.

Here’s the cover!


Bought my subscription last night. Issue one was the first music magazine I’ve enjoyed in years. :+1:

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Would love a subscription. Hope there’s one left at the weekend (pay day innit)

There certainly will be! We’ve given ourselves a much longer pre-order period this time around so that (hopefully) nobody missed out.

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Man, that means the world, thank you.

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Thanks boss. Will be on it for the weekend.

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Just bought myself a subscription, really looking forward to the issues throughout the year :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Ah, thank you so much! Hope you enjoy them as and when they arrive.

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Really nice piece on the journal (and a couple of others) over on Clash, in case anyone’s interested!


Just subscribed for 2019 :+1:

Great to see the success of this and Electronic Sound as print magazines

Ah, thank you so much pal! Very much hope you enjoy them as and when they arrive :slight_smile:

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Free shipping for the next couple of days to celebrate Better Oblivion Community Center!

We’ve got a big ol’ interview feature with the pair of them in the new issue…

Issue 2 is released today!

Physical copies still available here:

Digital copies available via Issuu:

It smells lovely. Thanks for checking it out <3


this looks lovely. Do we happen to ship physical print to the United States?