golden circle/tiers of gig pricing

Been meaning to make a thread about this since I saw the price tiers for Adele

General Admission: £90.45
Primary Entry: £111.85
Gold: £273.95
Diamond VIP Experience: £379.95
VIP Terrace: £434.95
Ultimate Bar Diamond and Ultimate Terrace = £579.95

So, the only way to get in front of the stage is to pay the best part of £300 once you include fees?

I’m sure I’ve seen gigs where they have say half of the front of the stage closed off as a golden circle. But this is way different.

Imagine if you were a teenage superfan, you get a £90 ticket for xmas and you know it cost your parents a significant amount of money especially once you include getting to London for the day… and then you’re unable to get even remotely close to the stage. Not to mention the risk that the areas close to the stage could be full of people who are less engaged with the artist than the average person in general admission, more likely to talk over it. Might not be great for Adele too.

Can things like this ever be justified?

Have you ever been to a gig where the general admission doesn’t get you to the front of the stage even if you turn up really early?

Have you ever seen prices that high for a VIP section? I haven’t.

Also just noticed this, detail for Gold VIP HydeAway

Enjoy access to the VIP HydeAway – an exclusive area offering a private bar, additional comfortable seating and separate toilet facilities

That’s the red bit behind the stage!

It’s an emotional pricing structure, even Adele’s in tiers



Pretty sure they had all of this at Springsteen at Hyde Park when I went. Saw Alex McLeish in the fancy red bar bit as I walked past.

It’s been an emotional gig, even the crowd’s in tiers
Fuck, out-wigged at adelebalooza


Had this at The Cure. Just let people in to the first vip bit though

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Ultimate Bar Diamond must be being sat on stage with them or something

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She’s got to knock you up an espresso martini between sad piano ballads


Don’t think I’ve ever been to a gig with this sort of rubbish.

it’s a relatively small section and the upgrade is also relatively affordable (at least in 2015), but the VIP sections right in front of the stages at Primavera still annoyed me

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a VIP bit at a festival seems very wrong


I reckon its pure shite. Not into fans being divided at gigs by how .rich they are.
If people want to pay those prices good luck to them.
£579 could get me to loads of gigs/festivals.


Isn’t affordable anymore used to be about £150 ish, probably less, for VIP at Primavera I’m sure it is now at £400.

Used to be worth it. Mainly €1 beer, a nice bag and able to queue jump on the Wednesday and Sunday. Also didn’t have the VIP bit at the front until they moved to Mordor.

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Only gig I’ve been to with this shit (other than one of those £2.50 gigs) was the Radiohead big top tour, but they just gave inner circle wristbands to people who got there early.

Hates touring doesn’t she, may as well just bang the prices right up and do less


Yep, this is the only way this should ever be done.
Actual die hard queue for ages fans, not just the rich.


That map looks like dignity.

Oh yeah, I don’t care about this really, if people have got money for Gold VIP tickets then let them have it. Wouldn’t bother me being a bit further away.


It was great, walked in got a wristband for free and had an amazing show. :smiley:
Pink Floyd dickhead the day before was charging big money for the VIP spot.

if VIP got me cheap beer I’d be very tempted but it would be exactly no surprise if the Diamond Adele ticket holders were still be paying £6.50 for a warm can of carling

aren’t you about 8ft tall though?

Festivals have had VIP bits since it was a couple of hippies hiding under a cow? Can’t have rock stars mixing with the plebs (unless you’re all sat around chucking back a flagon of cider in Butlins)