Have updated their social media…

I really loved their last album.


I couldn’t really get into it, felt like a mix of Felt Mountain and Seventh Tree but nowhere near as good as either. A new album would still be great though.

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This is not particularly easy record to get into. Especially second half needs concentration and the right frame of mind to really delve into the mood it creates. Cinematic, haunting, mesmeric and unbelievably beautiful, they are really a tour de force in nowadays music scene.

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First play of their new song with Lauren Laverne on BBC6Music tomorrow

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properly fantastic album this, as good as anything i’ve heard in the last few years. got bafflingly sniffy reviews which i can only put down to the fact that people think of them as ‘just a pop band’. stupidly under rated.

Tales Of Us is really great, agreed

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It got decent reviews (on the whole anyway):

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Quite like that.

The Haxan Cloak is involved in the new album

I like Goldfrapp (though I think their last great album was Seventh Tree), but at this point what I’d like more is for the Haxan Cloak to be involved in a new Haxan Cloak album.


why don’t people here rate Supernature?

(where’s that underrated pop thread again?)


was disappointed they were going back to electro stuff after ToU, these last 2 tracks are really sick though. really excited for the album

Really got a lot of love for this track!

Anyone also seeing her next Monday at The Roundhouse?

That was a great fun gig. I like the three songs on the new album that have been released as the other new stuff tonight sounded great. The new album looks to be slightly dark electro-pop. I was hoping for a few tracks from Seventh Tree (my favourite album and in particular Caravan Girl) but you can’t have everything. The back right hand side of the venue turned into a school disco with all the appalling dancing (of which I was guilty of too but I wasn’t THAT guy). Good fun overall.


Pitchfork giving a Goldfrapp album a decent review? All my old certainties have come crashing down.