Goldie - Timeless

sounds dated.


It sounds of its time. But that was the best time for drum & bass. Still think it’s a great album.

Or is this a joke thread I’m replying seriously to?

I’m with you there.

Saw it performed live at the RFH a few years ago and it sounded amazing. Adam Betts’ drumming was blinding as ever.

Great, great work.

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Never really liked that album. People were incredibly snooty about jungle at that time, then this album came out and suddenly everyone was loving drum and bass. Nah, mate.

Inner city shiteeee

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I like Timeless

Saw Betts perform his own material in a church last year. Absolutely nuts what he can do.

Yes indeed. Picked up Colossal Squid at a TTT gig. Very good.

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Fair do’s. It’s a half decent album. Waited 23 years to post this :wink:

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Seriously though. Back in the mid 90’s Jungle was so random and challenging (in a good way to the norm) people would just buy anything Jungle related, such a Jungle Massive Vol. 2 or whatever. Almost like people had to get onboard with this new genre - then Goldie came along and Radioheaded the genre before Radiohead Radioheaded themselves. It’s a good album but tries too hard to be the Classical album of Jungle when in reality - the bangers made the genre.

Terrible example, but agree with the post.