Golf 2023


Who’s playing or watching the 2nd most tory and republican sport of all this year?

Full Swing is out on Netflix- it’s a bit sanitised and American but quite watchable. Really enjoyed how boring Matt Fitzpatrick is. Good lad. The Joel Dahmen episode is the only must-watch I reckon.

Was glad to see Kurt whatsit win last week.

Masters soon, really hope we get a showdown between at least 2 of Rory, Rahmbo and Stiffler.

Players has just started, Rorys had a stinker 1st round. Theegala to win please.

Personally - my index is down to 11.5. Aims for this year are to break 80 and get close to single figures.we’ll see. Also want to play in Scotland, gonna try and get to St Andrews but not really that bothered about the old course.

Ummm, anyone for Liv?

Waving my tory flag. I watch every weekend on the PGA tour. Mainly because of my fantasy golf league, but just love the sport.

Saw Full Swing as well, just more reaffirmation of what a meathead Brooks Koepka is. Dahmen’s caddies hand written note :sob:

I’ll always boycott LIV as I’m tried and true history/legacy/stats of the PGA Tour.

Players championship always one of my favs, seem to be more low scores for this course first two days. Got Will Zalatoris this week in fantasy, on the cut line.

Really liking seeing the emergence of Max Homa, one of the loveliest swings on tour.

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free coverage of the Players here

so easy to boycott as well as I’ve got no idea when it’s on or where.

They managed to sign literally all of the players I don’t care about at all as well, the only one I miss is Cam Smith


Jon Rahm withdraws, ouch.

Pretty shocking seeing Rory go +4 yesterday. Cut line should be right around +2 or maybe even +3, with the winds picking up on the later tee times going off now.

Rory’s the absolute king of flattering to deceive, but I really thought his recent form meant he’d be in with a shout. Instead he’ll probably have the weekend off.

Took Rory last week, got me 1.78mill was happy with that. Although if he didn’t bogey 15, would have put the screws on Kitayama for the win and 3.7 million as an elevated event.

Meanwhile, Patrick Cantlay had a 60 foot birdie putt at 4, went off the green and into the water. Tough course.

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Pretty much exactly this. Bit of a shame that Smith and some of the more high-profile non Ryder players (Ancer, Niemann) went but otherwise it really is a rough bunch. An uninspiring mix of those who were about to hit the Seniors tour, journeymen Americans, major winners wth massive question marks over their futures for various reasons and randoms making up the numbers.

Hope it gives the USPGA a bit of a kick up the bum and then the Saudis just pull the money plug for some reason.

I mean we know the Saudi’s can just dump billions in but it’s not a sustainable business model. As far as I know, no TV deals have been signed, as @harru mentioned it’s tough to find even here in the states (think youtube TV did one event but didn’t tune in). They made zero dollars last year.

The contracts seem short, average of 2-3 years I believe, with some bigger names maybe 5? I bet some players after those contracts are up have buyer’s remorse, made a substantial amount of money for their families, and return to the PGA tour.

That being said Jay Monahan got a little too big for his britches and all of a sudden they had a real problem on their hands and had to adjust on the fly. It’s massive for the PGA tour Rory is a global ambassador now.

The LIV model just doesn’t interest me at all. No cuts, 54 holes, team play.


Played glasgow gailes at the weekend, had never played there before, lovely course. Front 9 was atrocious back 9 was a vast improvement.
Won a watch with the weather as well, glorious.

Glasgow Gailes is a great course. Pretty long though. and it used to be MUCH harder a few years ago but they chopped down loads of gorse bushes.

Played there twice - 85 and 84 gross scores.

Have you played Western Gailes?

Did you see Rory’s drive the other day, very silly

Played yesterday- gross 88. Index now 11.3

It’s just mindblowing how far these guys can hit a ball. He had another drive at the same tournament that went 420 yards!
That’s a good drive and a 5 wood for me!

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haven’t played western gailes, have heard it’s a good course as well.

playing the PGA at Gleneagles in a few weeks, not played that in a while, looking forward to it.

Western Gailes is a brilliant course! Play it if you get the chance.

Enjoy Gleneagles…hope you get a buggy cos the PGA is a LONG walk!!

weather is looking pretty fucking good for the PGA tomorrow :slight_smile:

It’ll be beautiful up there! Enjoy!

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I hit a gross 78, net 68 in our medal on Saturday.
Included 4 birdies.
And 3 double bogeys at the par fives!

Handicap index is now 9.0

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Glorious day at gleneagles yesterday, played pish but the company was good. :slightly_smiling_face: