⛳ Golf - The Majors 2024 🏌

Are the pin positions really easy for the par 3 contest, is that why there are hole-in-ones happening everywhere?

Anyway, it’s Masters time. Scottie Scheffler is favourite, with McIlroy and Rahm getting mentioned by the bookies too. Discuss it here, in the Masters 2024 thread, which is here (here).


One of my favorite weekends of the year. In my fantasy golf league, I wanted to take Cam Smith here, but hearing he had food poisoning last week and had to drop out of LIV event. Definitely going a LIV golfer because in our pool we only see them for the majors and I already took a Scheffler winner at the Arnold Palmer.

Tiger’s abstaining from sex in preparation (not kidding that’s a storyline here). l also really like Wyndham Clark here, playing probably only 2nd best right to Scottie on tour. Hideki also playing some great golf and he’s a winner here.

Bernard Langer’s final Masters performance I believe, what a legend. Love to see him make cut and maybe be around leaderboard Saturday.

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It really is the best isn’t it?
Looking forward to seeing the LIV boys back in action. Thinking Brooks is gonna be an absolute menace this year in the majors. He’s been lukewarm recently at LIV but we know he can summon greatness in these big dick events.
Remember last year when Mickelson got T2???

Christ was that just last year? Excellent, had a blistering Sunday.

Forgot this was on this weekend.
Probably won’t see any of it unless there’s some free stuff on YouTube or something.

Gonna be boring Wyndham Clarke

Clark, he’s not Darren’s son.

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I do manage to get excited by the majors but the Masters is doubly great as it is always a marker for the start of nicer weather and spring/summer things to come.

Will never fail not to have a soft spot for Rory, and I have some pennies on Finau and Sahith Theegala from the middle of the field to keep their cool and be in the mix come Sunday. Still need to think of an outside chance to take a punt on. Looks like the weather is going to be nasty today.

bryson looks dialled in, which is ominous

The LIV boys wearing their LIV team logos :face_vomiting:

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Bryson’s hat is especially :face_vomiting:

Actually quite up for a Bryson vs Scottie showdown, both of them just get 8 clear of the field shooting 65 every day

Don’t particularly care for either of them though

is there such a thing as a likeable top level golfer anymore?

Homa? Hovland? Tommy lad?

I mean… look at that face :heart_eyes:

Low stakes punts on Conners, Aberg, Clark and an insurance bet on Patrick Reed, the person I would least like to win it.

Largely looking irrelevant because even if Bryson can’t keep it going at that level for four rounds, Scheffler definitely can.

Shane Lowry is alright

Tom Kim is basically a loveable toddler

Fleetwood seems ok



Spieth looking completely lost right now

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