⛳ Golf - The Majors 2024 🏌

Watching Faldo talk about the golf course, and he’s a mega weirdo, but he knows his stuff to a ridiculous extent

Just gets shown a random players with a random putt and he’s all ‘oh that’s downhill, just outside the right but sometimes they aim too far right’

And then they do

Can’t help but like him

found this awful website showing illegal content and I’m going to share it with the fbi immediately but i think everyone should be aware of what’s out there:


(VIPBox Sky Sports Golf - Video 1 Streaming Online - VIPBox)


Thanks for sharing with the FBI. What a good citizen you are!!


Zach Johnson telling the patrons to fuck off. Wonderful stuff

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My beautiful boy :pensive:

He’s changed coaches and trying to do some major swing change but no one really knows why and it’s going badly :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Is there any highlights packages floating around on YouTube?

masters.com website or the official app is usually the best place for clips and highlights

Hmmm, nothing too much doing there. Ah well.

Last year they, I think sky, we’re live broadcasting Amen Corner on YT, so got a fair bit of action through that.

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yeah they seem to have ditched that

pretty shoddy that the bbc lost all its rights as well

the stream i posted up there^ is really good quality if you wanna watch the live sky broadcast

I may. But I only have my phone, so it’s not the best option. Maybe though.

all these lads are shite


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  • Scheffler by at least 3
  • Somehow something else
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Cw: betting

I put a few quid on morikawa on Friday when he was 20/1…he’s a lot lower than that now

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LIV not having a good tournament. .

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Dunno if it’s deliberate, but the coverage of the liv players has been…sparing, all week

I’ve watched loads of this, and saw Koepka and Cam Smith once. Patrick Reed was in the top 10 for ages, not seen his dickhead face at all. Dustin shot about 95 both days so fair enough, not shown.
Who else is there? Bubba and Sergrio as former champs, invisible. They usually at least show them tapping in on 18.

Rahm and Phil have been shown a bit, and Bryson is up there. That’s it.

Should be showing more of Cam Smith at least. Holed out from bunker for eagle at 2, haven’t seen a shot since.

EDIT: Oh never mind just showed him lost in bush.

Tv Show Lol GIF


Right, back from the in-laws - time for golf. Let’s go!