⛳ The Ryder Cup 2016 - Official Thread! ⛳

The best thing in golf is on this weekend, with all due respect to the Masters.

These are the teams:

USA: - Johnson (D), Johnson (Z), Mickelson, Reed, Spieth, Snedeker, Walker, Koepka all qualified, Fowler, Holmes, Kuchar and Moore were the Captains picks.

No Woods of course or Bubba who somehow managed to not be an automatic qualifier (WR: 7) or a captain’s pick, but is a vice captain. Seem to remember him being voted the least popular player on tour a while back, so IDGI.

Europe: - Cabrera Bello, Fitzpatrick, Garcia, McIlroy, Rose, Stenson, Sullivan, Willett, Wood all qualified, Westwood, Kaymer, Pieters are captains picks.

No Poults this time, although he is a vice which seems a good idea. Overall the team looks pretty short on experience, especially with it being in the US. No less than 6 rookies, and Westwood can probably count himself a bit lucky to be there. Interestingly, none of the rookies in 2012 or 2014 have appeared again, surely there’s too much talent in this lot to disappear.

Don’t know much about Hazeltine except it’s long, there’s three holes over 600 yards long. Reckon that’s four decent hits for me.

The US are clear favourites with the bookies, not surprisingly. Feels like we might get our pants pulled down a bit this time, but you can never tell. I’ll go 16-12 to the US.


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16-12? No chance.

It’ll be close. But can see the US edging it. Darren Clarke’s not the most popular captain we’ve ever had and captaincy is crucial in the Ryder Cup. Also your points about rookies vs. experience is key. Very experienced US Team in comparison.

So yeah can’t call it but I reckon US will nick it 14.5-13.5. Reckon it’s about time some contro went down too so look forward to that. Fucking love the Ryder Cup.

If I nailed a drive and a three wood off the fairway I reckon I’d still have a 3 iron approach shot to reach a 600 yarder!

Flipping love the Ryder Cup! Best sporting event!! I’m probably not going to watch it this year though. Gave up my Sky subscription, so it depends how good a stream I can get on my Droid box.

Reckon the Yanks will “do it for Arnie”, but they are well known to implode, so who knows. I don’t actually mind who wins, just want a close match.

There’s a 525 yarder at the Beauchief that I’ve never got to the green on in under 5 shots (admittedly, the 5th was a chip from pretty close. But still)

I was gonna start a ryder cup thread later.

Fucking love the ryder cup, was lucky enough to get along to the last day at gleneagles last time around, brilliant fun/atmosphere.

Think the US will have just a little too much and as casino says the ‘do it for arnie’ mentality.
While our team has lots of rookies i still think its a strong team and rory is the form player in the world. Really quite excited about this best sporting event for me.

Oh and while i don’t know much about Pieters and i’m sure he’s a cracking player I was disappointed that Knox didn’t get the nod, he’s been playing really well all season and though he’d done enough to merit a spot.

I don’t know Pieters either. He has the real feel of a one-and-done player, but hopefully I’ll be eating these words.

yeah, really, really looking forward to this. gonna smoke many spliffs this weekend, for sure

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good shout, think i’ll join you

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16-12 and 14.5-13.5 aren’t that far apart.

I reckon Bubba could be your man for some controversy. He’s a bit combustible at the best of times and he won’t have much to do, so could well get cracking sticking his oar in. Or maybe Patrick Reed will wind everyone up enough for it to all kick off. Actually I’m getting annoyed by the U-S-A! U-S-A! chants just thinking about it.

Must admit, I like Patrick Reed. It’s good to see some golfers show a bit of attitude and aggression!
You are right though, the U-S-A chants are going to be super annoying!

I like him as well

LOVE the Ryder Cup!
I have been told I am NOT allowed to put up Ryder Cup themed bunting.

I will be on outfit watch from Friday. Very excited to see who wears it best. I always think Rory looks delightful. I hope Rickie shaves USA into the side of his head again this year.

Saw a pic of the GWAGs this morning too. 80% blonde. They’ve got plaid shirts with their hubby/boyfs initials on the back with TEAM USA underneath. God I want one SO BAD.

Also I have to cater for my boyfriend the whole weekend as he will be refusing to go out or leave the sofa.

Friday night is European cheese, wine and tapas night.
Saturday is USA evening with burgers and jalapeno mac and cheese.
Sunday he has demanded i make gnudi which is like ricotta gnocchi. Fucking bastard.

That sounds great, what time should we head round for?! :slight_smile:

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They are in a Ryder Cup context. They mark the difference between a dicking and a tight tussle.

Of course it all depends on what happens. Could still end 14.5-13.5 and the victors would have wrapped it up early afternoon Sunday conceivably.

Haha. 1:30pm on Friday :cry:

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Ryder cup really is the nuts.

Friday Foursomes pairings? Rose/Stenson looks set in stone, Westwood/Willett, Rory/Sergio & Kaymer/Pieters?

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what a fucking muppet

“But it’s only a joke! AHHahhhahhhaAAahaa! Do you not see? HaaaahhHHHaaaaAAA! I’m a funny.”
Way to fire them up, dude.