Golf thread (rolling)

Any golfers here apart from @meowington?? Or possibly just her tv

I’m playing tomorrow, first time in a couple of years, have booked a 7am tee off so hopefully only get in the way of the old boys. Always makes me anxious, the thought of holding people up, and I’m not even that bad, can hold down a legit 28 handicap. I was down to low 20s when I played more regularly.

Last time I had a lesson the pro told me all my clubs were old and I needed one of those massive drivers so now of course I want one immediately.


Haven’t played this year but enjoy a round

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Yip I’m a fully fledged member of a golf club. Handicap is 11, was 10 at the start of this season.
I probably play a couple of times a week including one competition at the weekend.
The most frustrating game in the world!

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Play a few times a year. It’s a very pleasant thing to do, or a very pleasant way of completely ruining your day depending on how it’s going.

Gonna buy a new set of clubs soon I reckon. Might have to look up the ladies sets because I’m a short arse.

I’m just here to tick names off my Secret Tories sweepstake.


It’s not just the length that is different in ladies clubs, the weight and flex is different so designed for different physiques as well as just sizes.

Depending on budget its relatively easy and cheap enough to buy a set and get the shafts cut to your size by a pro shop.

Yeah I’ve been to American Golf and swung a few irons about and they feel more suited to me. Especially graphite shafts.

I think the ultimate benefit for my game would be for me to bulk up up top rather than get ladies clubs mind. My upper body strength is basically non-existent.

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It’s not something I particularly enjoy, but it’s a necessary evil in my profession if you want to climb the ladder, which of course I do. It’s not really about the game, or even the exercise, it’s about networking and leaving a positive impression on your colleagues such that you’re the first person that springs to mind when there’s an opportunity to climb the greasy pole, so to speak.

Of course I fucking don’t, I’m not a Tory

pretty lucky in sheffield to have a few very good council owned courses where you don’t need membership and pay under £20 a round depending when you go. Beauchief is a really nice course

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Infuriating that nobody is showing the PGA Championship on TV here - seven players within four of Koepka at the moment

I watched it online on eleven sports, pretty good quality stream and decent enough coverage

US Ryder Cup team is insane

Played for the first time this year last weekend.

Uf you can spot my ball stuck in this tree you’ll have an idea of how it went :slightly_smiling_face:

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Play it where it lies bud

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Update 2021: i have accidentally joined a golf club

€205 for a year though so definitely not a Tory
(Maybe a bit FFG though :disappointed_relieved:)

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I’m thinking of picking it up again after playing for the first time in years and actually enjoying it quite a lot… not gonna join a club though.

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I want to learn but don’t drive atm. Can you store your clubs at a course if you’re a member?

Sometimes! Some clubhouses will have lockers but not all

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