Gomez - Bring it On - Royal Albert Hall


Good album, this. I stopped keeping up with them after How We Operate (which was 11 years ago!). Still very fond of them though. Anybody tempted by this gig?

Let’s talk Gomez.


Even if I were still in the country it’s a no from me.

I do recall them being decent at Glastonbury even if that guy’s voice did not match how he looked at all.


If this was in Scotland I would absolutely go.


no way can gomez play the royal albert hall! i saw them at what must have been the height of their fame playing portsmouth guildhall ffs


Fingers crossed for a tour.


Started singing the first song to myself before I realised I was singing Hangover from Liquid Skin. They should play both albums please. Nothing else thanks.


Had a Gomez phase when i was about 15. Tijuana Lady always reminds me of Trigger Happy TV


was that '99? SO good. apparently they’d requested the sub-headliner slot so that they wouldn’t clash with REM. I couldn’t get to the pyramid stage afterwards, so ended up having to watch Kula Shaker.

Now there’s a band that wouldn’t break out in 2017. Cultural Appropriation: The Musical.

very, very tempted by this. Such a mark for nostalgia.


My thinly veiled is a huge fan. Might get her a ticket for Christmas (so long as they don’t announce a date in Scotland). Anyone else reckon this is a one-off and not a precursor to a full tour?


Reckon that will be dictated by how quickly tickets sell. Are Gomez a draw these days, generally? They fell off my cultural radar in about 2002


Hmm. Would have been 1999 or 1998 I think. I reckon. Couldn’t be sure though.


Still a great album, depending on the level of extortion they apply to tickets, I’d be very tempted.


honestly kind of depressed about this:


RAH is surprising. Gomez would almost certainly be a pointless answer for the topic ‘Mercury Winning Artists’.


They’ve done this before, too. I saw them play Bring It On in full at the Forum in Kentish Town in September 2008.

That was during the height of the “Don’t Look Back” craze and I enjoyed it, but it did feel a bit perfunctory, like they were only giving it 8/10ths.

Glastonbury 1999, on the other hand, remains one of my all-time magical musical moments. Accompanied by a beautiful sunset and mud-free for once, they were just perfect. We then ran round and lost our minds to Faithless. Happy days…


Ah, they were my absolute faves for a while back then :slight_smile: Remember me and my best mate trying to find all the singles in record shop[s in Brighton one weekend.

Them touring Liquid Skin at Cambridge Corn Exchange was also one of my first ‘proper’ gigs. I don;t knwo if it was just cause we weren’t used ot it, but the crowd were insane.

Anyway, same mate has tex me about this this morning, probs end up going :smiley:


They asked that very question on Pointless and they weren’t…!


Shucks. That would have been me leaving with nothing but the vase and a handshake from Al.


Just got an email advertising a show at the Albert Hall, Manchester. So looks like there is a good chance of a wider tour planned.


Barrowlands gig yaaaassss, first time I saw them was 20 years ago, in the barrowlands :grinning: