I still love Bring It On and Liquid Skin, but I’ve not really ventured into anything else. Does any of their later stuff hold up at all, or is it, as I suspect, hugely lacking in the imagination of the first two albums?

i saw abandoned shopping trolley hotline in a chazzer yesterday, remember it having some good bits

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Oh yeah, it has. I’ve got that too. That was a bunch of leftover bits from those first two albums though wasn’t it? High On Liquid Skin was a doozy.

Hello @mistersteve!

Nothing’s quite as good as the first two albums (big BIG love for Liquid Skin), but if you like their sound it’s definitely worth investigating, as every album has at least one genuinely magical song.

The Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline, mentioned above, is more or less essential, as it has Bring Your Loving Back Here, and Buena Vista - a strong contender for my favourite Gomez song.

In Our Gun isn’t bad at all. Seeing them tour that was one of my formative gig experiences, and it has a dubby stoned sort of vibe throughout. Rex Kramer sounds like a Beck song but with bluesier vocals.

Split The Difference is rough and ready - refreshing, as In Our Gun at times feels a tad overproduced.

How We Operate is lovely, but it’s frontloaded. See The World is a lovely song, and the whole thing has a gorgeous relaxed feel to it. Shame it tails off a bit towards the end.

There’s at least two more beyond that, but I haven’t given them as much time as the others.

Hope this helps!

And I’d like to pre-empt all the “imagine listening to Gomez in 2017” comments by saying: Shut up.


Imagine listening to Gomez in 2003!

Well, I wasn’t expecting that.

maaan, I haven’t listened to Gomez since October. Must rectify that.

I liked the Machismo EP. A bit more experimental, but some top tunes. Get that.

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