Gone To Pot

Just need to make sure every human being on earth’s seen this ITV series where Biggins and Pat Butcher blaze some doobies…

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I saw the first one where Biggins pulled a whitey. Bit salacious.
That’s the wrong word but I’ve done myself :smiley:

The main thing i took away from it is that John Fashanu’s a fucking weird bloke.

Ultimately, it went tits up because the two lads who partook were greedy bastards.

Yeah I think his thing about drug users being weak, people should be high on life - especially considering his personal history - being especially bloody weird.
I think they’ll all end up more or less saying it’s fine but not for them for the most part, which is literally all we could expect.

I’m a christian…would I say that nuns and marijuana go together?


certainly not.

Yeah. I read a piece where he effectively called his brother an attention-seeker. What a fucking shitty, ridiculous thing to say. I’m sure he’s had a tough life himself, so don’t want to go in too hard on him, but reading that made me physically angry.

I’m desperate to see this and since my other half isn’t, I was hoping to catch some of it while ‘working from home’ tomorrow. However the nanny has just phoned in sick so I’ll be with the child now tomorrow, which means ten hours of Peppa pig.

have you seen the Come Dine with me with Fashanu? he is really really bizarre. he chilled the red wine and left white wine out, said he doesn’t at all drink while he had a glass in his hand and described everything as succulent

bit weird how the whole Biggins anti semitism jokes have got brushed under the carpet cause he’s a jolly fellow

Some varieties of red wine are supposed to be chilled. Personally, I like my red wine verging on the warm side of room temp, but it does seem that I’m a philistine.

he wasnt doing it cause he was a connoisseur I dont think, more that he’s an absolute simpleton

(the rest of the description sounds mad though! Must watch it!)