Gonna go kfc for my lunch


Just finished a half-day


Aye just seen you out and about:


they do 9 pieces for £5.99 on tuesdays now


The new stacked burger is nice


Yeah someone at work shared that. Would have to share that with two others I reckon (gotta get fries too)


Having fake quorn KFC for lunch. Can’t remember the last time I had the real deal. Probably about 25 years ago. Can’t say I miss it.


Mighty Bucket for 1 with gravy


Got the zinger stacker burger. Not really very good


Not a fan of KFC, I once saw a giant rat running towards my local. To be fair, it was probably popping in for second dinner after chowing down at the nearby McDonalds I visit most weekends.


should have got…


Numbers, is this post sponsored in any way by the kentucky fried chicken corporation? What monies have changed hands?


if only!


always a good idea until you actually have one