Gonna make a record this week, what shall I call the tracks?

Silly or serious suggestions welcome.

Thought it might be fun to have a word or title in mind before I create something.

I think it should be about different shoes people wear in different situations/parts of their life

thanks that might be too hard I’m not a creative genius

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or maybe just call one of the songs “church shoes”

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Flagrant Misinterpretation Of The Word Literally

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gonna be instrumental by the way so I can cheat and be non-specific

You know those portmanteau names that people give cross-breed dogs, like cockerpoo when it’s a cocker spaniel x poodle? You should name all the tracks after different ones of them

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The World Has Been Inverted and the Stars in the Sky are Distant Cities on Fire

With thanks to @eltham

Plenty more to choose from here:


I need to know what kind of style before I can offer any relevant suggestions

also, how many tracks?

Rise Up Mighty Beasts For The Salt That Burns The Ground Shall One Day Go On Your Chips


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Just got a latte


Just use the auto thing on your phone

Yeah that’s pretty nice of you
You should get a little more fun than you think
I think I can do it tomorrow
Night and then
You can do a great job with your car
Yeah I don’t want him
Going into a pub and then go back
Together we are not getting any better
This app has been great
Your dad is a bit weird



The First Of Many
Ben Wasn’t Ready
Brian Of Brian
This Is My First Rodeo
No-one Asked How I’d Like My Eggs Done
What Are Those Feet?
I’ve More Ears Than Dollars (And I’ve Only Got One Ear*) *((I Actually Have Two Ears, But You Get The Point))
Soul. A Power.
Beyond Beyond Thuderdome
Before Thunderdome
We’re Not In Kansas And We’ve Never Been To Kansas
Stolen Bins
My Neighbours Invited Me To Their Party
Aerosmith On The Bus
Turns Out It Wasn’t Aerosmith
Dance Party 5000.2
Haircuts In The Share Economy
More Than Crocodile
More Of An Italian Mixed Herbs Man
Sand Sand Everywhere And Not A Drrrop To Drrrink
Why The Drop
Once I Learned To Swim There Was No Stopping Me
The Legend Of Legend
Windows Key And L Will Lock Your Machine Quickly (In Windows Not Mac)
HDMI When All You’ve Got Is DVI
We Are Danger (Sorry)
Grip My Garlic Crusher
Milk Is What The Devil Eats With His Cereal
A Cereal Kind Of Guy
Ripped Jeans (They Were Like That When I Bought Them)
This Newspaper Isn’t Free
Cher Economy
Beatle Battle


A Small Fight With A Large Horse
A Large Fight With A Small Horse


(these are actually ones I’m gonna use please don’t use these)

Dud Parachute Blues

Clubfoot by Kasabian by Blacklisted by [insert band name here]

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Maybe go krautrock and just use all the best german words?

  1. Gummihandschuh
  2. Luftkissenboot
  3. Schadenfreude
  4. Torschlusspanik


dunno, how many tracks can I do in a week?

Probably be using the “piano” (VST) quite a bit


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