Goobevening dis it's Wednesday night

Hello! How are you?

I’ve just had the opposite of a @Gnometorious breakfast pudding - a dinner time starter. In the shape of bears, pom bears.

Got some bbq pork belly in the oven, sweetcorn ready to go :yum:

Might have to have another predinner bag of crisps though.

How’s your day been?


Goobevening and yet there are no beeves

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Fuck you


Doing training at work for a week and a half, the trainer is the most boring person in the world and it’s all about boring taxes. Having a very dull time.

I had a day off today and was heading down to Rochester for the afternoon.

But one of my tyres exploded on route, which meant a 2.5 hour wait for it to be replaced, then I came home again.

Note make sure you have a spare wheel and not one of the crappy tyre repair kits.

I’ve been to the dentist again and can’t feel the other half of my face this time. I’m getting hungry already too :disappointed_relieved: Have booked in some wisdom tooth surgery in a couple of weeks, bit nervous.

:horse: + :swimming_woman:t2: tomorrow!


Done absolutely nowt today. Gonna have like 4 cans and put some music on. Had a bag of Seabrooks Ready Salted about an hour ago, dunno what I’m gonna do for me tea.

Early weeknd lyrics needed work

Sorry to hear that wr hopefully it gets better soon xxx

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Evening all :wave:

Bit of a rollercoaster of a day (nothing dramatic, just sad) which reached its low ebb when I broke down in tears after a really difficult call from one of my team members. I only had about ten minutes to pull myself together before my next meeting and failed to do so - arrived late and the host asked if I had hayfever lol. I ended up switching my camera and mic off, having a good long mid-meeting cry, and hoping that nobody would require any contribution from me… I had a really nice message, though, from one of the people at the meeting who noticed that something was up. And then I had a good long chat with my boss and I feel like my head is a bit straighter now.

Dinner is pie, wedges and G&T so that’s something.


It’s fine, just some standard dentist stuff! Just annoying waiting for the drugs to stop working

I think Richard Ashcroft wrote a song about that.

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That does sound nice, hope you’re able to relax and unwind properly, sounds like you need it x


going pub (to drink beer(s))





I got that dinnertime, dinnertime starter
Di-di dinnertime, dinnertime starter
Got that dinnertime, dinnertime starter
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh

All my major work stuff for the week appears to be out of the way (as it stands) so my mind is fully on getting a takeaway and getting boozed out my mind for… Turkey v Italy on Friday.


Cooking up one of my work leaving presents for dinner

But just smacked my arm against the inside of the oven door which was very silly.
Had a productive day today involving a haircut, lots of tidying and a trip to the supermarket.


Oh my goodness

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Went to Wadebridge to see family since we are down. Walked round it for the 1st time ever odd place. END

Look at my beautiful peony! :hibiscus: :cherry_blossom: I thought I’d killed it last year but it’s back from the dead!