Goobevening dis it's Wednesday night

evening chums

first free night in ages, spending it cleaning and ASDAing

went to a dinner at a posh place in Markey Harbs last night for my mum’s 60th and just as our dinner was being served my sister had a huge asthma attack. had to bundle her into my car and race back to Corby to hers to get her inhalers, normally she has them on her but forgot them yesterday. Was seriously scary and today has been a write-off, still feels like my adrenaline is up. she’s all good now thankfully.

the restaurant boxed the meals up and charged my mum full whack for them, which feels a little harsh to me? AIBU? ate my fillet steak out of a tray like it was a cheap takeaway.

cba cleaning someone pls come do it for me

I’m drafting a storyboard in a notebook. Look how nicely I am writing the numbers out - this is the extent of my talent in this endeavour

It’s been an OK day, I went down to my local ancient monument for a walk and played a bit of Prey

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Bon Soir mes amis

We had risotto for dinner, and I’ve done the washing up already. How keen.

I need to pop to the supermarket later, but I also want to sit in the garden drinking. I wonder which will win?

Good evening all.

Had a nice bike ride in the sun this morning, spent the afternoon dossing around the house/garden.

Had steak, new potatoes, baby corns and green beans for dinner.

Was just thinking ‘I hope the ice cream van comes round tonight’ and I heard her chimes coming through the estate. So that’s pudding sorted in a few minutes time.

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YANBU. If you’d already ordered and they’d cooked the meals and there’s been a legitimate medical emergency then seems reasonable that they’d knock a bit off even just out of good will.


That looks absolutely dishlicious

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Ice cream van seems to have skipped our road. Absolutely fummin.


I’m now having dinner time pudding too… Biscoff ice lolly

you dirty sexy boy

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feckin starvin, got a chicken tray bake thing in the oven. have made loads and plan on eating it all :slight_smile:

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Made enough dauphinois for tomorrow’s breakfast too.


I want my Biscoff ice cream pot from the van :sob:

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and then a big bowl of strawberries after :yum:

YANBU. I mean it’s not unreasonable of them to want the full amount but it’s probably not good business sense, given the customer experience of eating one of their meals cold out of a box.

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Hammer them on social media.

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Had Quorn dinosaurs for dinner. Highpoint of the day.

Going to start watching that Time thing I think and drink tea, maybe a Mars ice cream.

love a mars ice cream, ain’t had one in ages.


Evening Wednesday. Had a monster of a day including giving a presentation + Q&A on something I’ve only been working on a short while to a load of experts, and now I’ve just smashed well, puffed my way through a hill sprint session with my running club :muscle: Feel like I definitely deserve the pizza and wine I’m heading home to :pizza: :wine_glass:


made loads and destroyed the fuckin lot of it :laughing: