Goobevening dis it's Wednesday night

Regaining feeling in my fave and mouth so can FINALLY cook dinner, at 9pm

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The Beatles never ezitested documentary is on and I’m going to see how watchable it is until Ed Shearing drops in and absolutely shits the bed

My parents are going “aaawww” because yer lad is playing to a tiny crowd

But I’m like they’re good numbers lad keep up the good work

Numbers as in numbers of people

The songs are pretty beige lad


Inside Llewyn Davis is the best musician film bc it is about a cathartic acceptance of failure

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Got shit on by a bird today.


Just went to water the plants and was intrigued by this seedling that has appeared…

A bit of Internetting and I reckon its a sycamore… Its a shame, but not sure I want one of those in the back garden. Might let it grow a bit and replant it somewhere

Sycamore sprouts are the fucking devil. Get rid now before it becomes a pain in the arse.

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Finest bassoon player of the big band era.


Have you done the lottery?

It was the big bank holiday film on Irish telly the other night.

I must’ve been in the right mood for tolerating shite because I found it to be quite an enjoyable albeit cringeworthy romantic comedy romp.

Just eaten a nice roast dinner (beef)
Very full now but will no doubt be starving in an hour :roll_eyes:
Keep feeling like i forgot to do something at work :grimacing:

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oooo no drawing at ten. Maybe its a good luck sign, probably just a sign I got shit on and that’s it.

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Yeah, it’s alright so far - but I kind of feel bad for the guy who wrote the original draft of the screenplay

I know absolutely nothing about that, what’s the deal? I admittedly know very little about films but it felt more like a Richard Curtis film than a Danny Boyle one.

Iirc one of the Simpsons writers had shopped a more downbeat early version around where it was about how he has the Beatles songs but doesn’t become a success with them

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Oh right, consider it gone then.

Have been battling a cherry tree that keeps reappearing since we moved in and keep finding fucking honeysuckle roots every time I try digging holes to plant things.

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Also I think my sequel has legs

a man wakes up one morning and finds out that the only Beatles recordings in existence are those stereo mixes, and so he takes the opportunity to make versions of those songs that aren’t fucking unlistenable



Steve Coogan and Adam Driver are playing in the DOTA

Ran from college to the cinema in the hope of seeing Shiva Baby but they couldn’t let me in :frowning: then the kebab place I like was shut :frowning: ordered Chinese takeaway to sob into

Further sequel pitch:

My Way - a man wakes up one morning to discover that he’s the only person who remembers Limp Bizkit, and consequently develops an obsession with the pounding nu-metal within his head. It slowly devours him, leaving him unable to speak but simply capable of hick-rapping his way through life, grabbing his crotch and flipping off strangers while wearing an incongruous red hat. Dir: Michael Bay