Goobevening dis it's Wednesday night




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Yes but sir this is a Waitrose

The Waitrose then explodes, naturellement

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Those who have been following my builders saga will be delighted with the last two days of slightly boring anecdotes.

I came home from work early yesterday so I could finally meet the foreman and suss out how things were going. He was shite at small talk so I finished up by saying “I’ll probably not see you till Friday cause I have a half day then.”

He replied “oh we don’t get half days we just work right through” despite the fact:

  • he and his pal have not once made it to 4pm
  • he was currently packing up his tools at half 2
  • he left last Friday about half 12
    Then he added “aye, we are supposed to work till 5pm.”
    While he was packing up at half 2. :upside_down_face:

Then… he didn’t turn up at all today :upside_down_face:



The winning numbers are 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42

I just had a solero in the garden even though its cold now, but still bright. I’m usually very tuned into summer but this year feel really disassociated from it, can’t explain it but I need to do summer things to get my brain into the summer mood (aka the happiest I usually am each year). Gonna go to the beach soon, go to an outdoor pool somewhere in London and also a bbq with my family and go for long evening walks with my summery playlists. Also seeing my best friends for the first time since Jan 2020 soon, we had so many zoom chats but nothing irl. one of them has a whole 1 year old now :sob:

Time to retrain. What a life.

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Tennis and plantballs combo tonight.

Up early tomorrow. Might have an early night with a book but not sure what I want to read.
Well, I know that I WANT to read the third book in The Rampart Trilogy but I’ve got a really busy, exciting and probably emotional weekend lined up and I don’t want each to interfere with the other so need to find something else.
Got a book of essays by George Saunders on Russian short stories which could be ideal so might bounce that into my kindle later

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Oh yeah. That looks tasty.

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What’s square and hairy?

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a sqHAIR

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Joe Biden?

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HAIRCUBE, a revolutionary update to the Rubik’s cube but all the sides are hair


A pubic cube.



So close!

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OH GOD I was so close by mistake!

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my bum

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They’re getting far too lenient with these bans if you ask me



I’m beginning to think you do it on purpose :rofl:

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