Good actors who pop up a lot in shite films


(don’t mention Nicolas Cage as that’s a taken)

watched summat on iPlayed called The Cry of the Owl with Paddy Considine. It was rubbish, dead boring. He’s made a few stinkers as well - Blitz, The World’s End, possibly Le Donk and Scorzayzee, The Backwoods, I imagine Miss You Already

any other offenders>

Vince Vaughn may be a good shout too, he used to be a good actor but he’#s made some right dross


Naomi Watts


Matthew McConaughey


Vince Vaughn has made one good film!


Robert De Niro :cry:


Bobby De Niro these days…


Swingers or Dodgeball?


Four Christmases


The Break Up is good tho


Pacino - still can’t un-see that Dunkin’ Donuts rap!


1 and a half good films


Blah! No.



And that strange ad where he has a weak Wi-Fi signal


I willing to give The Comedian a chance


I know you like her Ant, but I think she’s beige as fuck


I think she’s a really fucking good actor who should be more picky with her roles. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her actually be bad in something despite how bad the film might be though. Always seems to actually fully inhabit the character she’s playing.


Taken was Liam Neeson pal.


Oh god yeah! Was that for BT or Sky? I can’t remember but all those ads are horrible.


I was reminded yesterday about Movie 43: the cast list for that turkey is quite something:
Elizabeth Banks
Kristen Bell
Halle Berry
Leslie Bibb
Kate Bosworth
Gerard Butler
Josh Duhamel
Anna Faris
Richard Gere
Terrence Howard
Hugh Jackman
Johnny Knoxville
Justin Long
Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Chloë Grace Moretz
Liev Schreiber
Seann William Scott
Emma Stone
Jason Sudeikis
Uma Thurman
Naomi Watts
Jeremy Allen White
Kate Winslet