Good (and prefererably cheap/reasonable) art shops in Brighton?

I’m there this weekend and would like to pick up a nice print or such like…

I’d imagine there’s lots of art in Brighton but any recommendations?


There are a few in the north Laine area, and maybe in the regular Laines too.

Artrepublic started out as a place to buy cheap prints, but now is not really cheap, but worth a visit if only to gawp at the showey stuff they have.

I’ll sell you this for a tenner if you can get to hove

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Is that a bowerbird?

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There’s a new-ish one called Prescription Art on London Road which has lots of quite modern stuff - they always seem to have some David Shrigley in the window. They’re slightly out of town, but worth a trip I reckon.

ArtRepublic, like @grievoustim said, is the first that springs to mind, and you might still be able to get a cheap-ish print in there. I get most of my art framed in Leo Frames on North Road and they always have a good selection of prints in. There’s also a shop called Unlimited on Church Street, which has lots of nice little design bits and pieces too.