Good artists on instagram or twitter or elsewhere

Starting thread cos I liked this

Love the instas of @anon58170651
And @Gert
She’s good too:
Good twitter posting art by women

Post more and link your own stuff if you want


Posts good pictures of Midwest American malls, abandoned and in-use.

Also like the BCA, started following because they’re doing a beer series with Northern Monk

Just reposts others work but is good

Also Garfield forever dancing through the ruins of the last year had been a constant and welcome source of black comedy for me

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Just followed Geography of Robots, love that

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Rachel Martin (@rachelmartin) • Instagram photos and videos

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Like these two pencil portraiters

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Was gonna post your insta but thought you might be shy about it

It’s a shame but that Womensart twitter account are low level terfy. Not in the pile-on sense, but in the strictly-binary-content sense

I don’t think it takes away from all the great art that they do post but perhaps it’s good to be mindful that they’re not inclusive

Oh didn’t know that

Ian McQue’s twitter feed is good for showing his own concept stuff, plus he boosts a lot of other artists too:

I mean, that was certainly the case a year and a half ago, they might have changed since then

This is a nice account- woman who lives on a Welsh farm so lots of animals, birds and flowers.


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unsettling animals

A few of my favourites :heart::



Collages, mainly human/mushroom hybrids

Colourful illustrated patterns, mainly plants/animals

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Oh yeah and how could I forget

Funny little electronic scores to videos of animals

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This is one of my favourites:

Quite often posts 3x3 grids of C20 book cover collections

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