Good bars in Paris?

Going there next weekend. Central Paris. Can’t be arsed with any museums or shit

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I like this wee place:


Yes I would imagine so.

Came here to post some shit joke about 'Le Wetherspoons’ or something but that’s learned me.

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Love that place, they have a tiny wee restaurant behind the bar with about 5 tables that looks like nothing but the food is just out of this world

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If you’re after a good honest working class local then almost any brasserie will do

If you want a hipster sexy crowd then go to la perle on the corner of Rue Archives/Rue Veille Du Temple

If you’re feeling flush then you want Le Fumoir in the first - across the road from the Louvre

If you want an Anglophile indie crowd go to Pop in on Rue Amelot which is between Bastille & Republique

There’s shit tons of good bars/brasserie around Bastille so Pop in is a good place to start a ‘pub crawl’

If you want somewhere that has decent music/gigs/DJs and/or after hours drinking then try the Cafe Charbon on Rue Oberkampf

There are literally thousands of others though

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Anywhere you can get a beer for less than 10€


Hate Paris


Carrefour, then.

Love Music


In complete disregard for what you’ve asked, I liked sitting next the canal st martin and having our own drinks there.

there’s one in the Latin quarter and the man will give you lots of cured meats and olives with your pint. i like him. no idea what it’s called.


Yeah it’s a cracking wee place, they do a splendid bottle of Sancerre :grinning:

Go to Le Truskel, play DiS friendly indie classics, has a cool underground smoking area and got absolutely ruined on tequila sunrises in there. Open until 5am generally too.

So be it!

Now you’re talking my language (English)

This place:

Just get a load of sangria in and load up the jukebox. Best bar in Paris.