Good BIRTHDAY presents for an eight year old girl



please be sensible in this thread
not a Christmas thread


What does this eight year old girl like?


Coffee beans


Crack pipe


Barbie doll


BMX bike




I got a crayola art set on my 8th birthday and I was thrilled so maybe something like that? Also science type gifts like a crystal growing set or a geode box is good, they look nice and they’re educational


not being interrupted while trying to stare at a screen. talking back. that kind of thing


Hmm, tough cookie eh. Maybe get her a Bratz doll.


Yeah, stuff like ^this. Things to make or do rather than a bunch of plastcy crap that will just get chucked on a pile…


Yeah some nice crayola pencils would do it for me


what’s one of them please mate?




Chapter books (depending on reading ability)
Like @jazzballet says, a nice Crayola / art set / whatever would go down well or a craft / education set


A pack of temporary tattoos and those sugar sticks you can pretend are ciggies


They’re a box of geodes and you can smash them to see the crystal formations inside!


don’t tread on me, system


In my experience, those plastic badge makers are a load of crap sadly…