Good BIRTHDAY presents for an eight year old girl

please be sensible in this thread
not a Christmas thread

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What does this eight year old girl like?

Coffee beans

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Crack pipe

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Barbie doll

BMX bike


not being interrupted while trying to stare at a screen. talking back. that kind of thing

Hmm, tough cookie eh. Maybe get her a Bratz doll.

Yeah, stuff like ^this. Things to make or do rather than a bunch of plastcy crap that will just get chucked on a pile…

Yeah some nice crayola pencils would do it for me

what’s one of them please mate?


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Chapter books (depending on reading ability)
Like @jazzballet says, a nice Crayola / art set / whatever would go down well or a craft / education set

A pack of temporary tattoos and those sugar sticks you can pretend are ciggies

don’t tread on me, system

In my experience, those plastic badge makers are a load of crap sadly…

came here to post something similar

Go to Smiggles and buy scented pencil cases etc. They go mad for anything from there.

Otherwise Shopkins, Lego, books like worst witch, tom gates, wimpy kid etc.

Kits to make your own hairbands, dreamcatcher etc are good. Melissa and Doug are best as they use wood

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