Good Books About the USA - Recommendations Please

I’m just keen to learn more.

Ideally looking for something that looks at the 50 states individually and gives interesting/quirky facts about each.

I only visited the US for the first time last year (NY, typically, for the marathon) but am really keen to see more of the US and learn more.

Might not be for while given the pandemic though alas.

Boston and Chicago are places I really want to go to.





Though they don’t quite cover all 50 states, Bill Bryson’s The Lost Continent (1989) and Tim Moore’s Another Fine Mess: Travels in Trumpland (2017) are two of my favourite books, a great mix of dry humour, sharp social commentary and bittersweet travelogue through off-the-beaten-track small-town America.

Also really enjoyed the TV series Stephen Fry in America (2008) where he visits all 50 states in a London black cab, though I haven’t read it there’s also a tie-in BBC book.

Thanks futilityofendeavour, all sounds interesting.

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This is very good

Reckon this one should do you.

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Just remembered this thread. This book might be a bit more heavy / horrifying than what you might be after, but The Broken Heart of America about St. Louis is amazing. I highly, highly recommend it to everyone, even if you’ve never been to Missouri (plus it applies to the country as a whole). If you ever end up traveling there, it’ll make the city make sense.