Good Burger 2




I’m a dude

Burger Harder

Man, Kenans not been in anything for ages

Is this a ChatGBP thing?

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He showed up in Bros, think hes a SNL guy now

No it’s Good Burger 2

just dont look

Yeah I’ve ended up watching SNL the last two weekends for no real reason, he’s a main cast member.

After last night’s Jimmy Kimmel came on and it started with a Good Burger 2 bit, so this at least explains why.

Welcome to good burger home of the good burger may i take your order

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Hes on SNL these days

Soz that was a bad joke

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But when is Bad Burger?

Good Burger 1 never got a UK DVD release. Tragic.

2 good 2 burger


the only joke or memorable thing I can remember is that they drank lots of orange soda

absolute scenes

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And sadly that wasnt good burger

Rewatched it quite recently, holds up surprisingly well - a much odder film than I remembered. George Clinton’s in it.


Think I read somewhere that he’s now been in more episodes of SNL than anyone else. Saw him on a car advert a while back, he’s barely aged.