Good Club Nights out in London (Ideally on a Saturday)

I’ve done things like Feeling Gloomy and the one they have at the Borderline on a Saturday night but is there anything else in London that’s really good?

Ideally looking for something that’s not just a playlist of popular indie songs.

Is there anything in Shoreditch or south of the river even that I’m missing

Personal favourites are:

South London Soul Train at the Bussey Building in Peckham - A lot of variation in the music across four floors, plenty of space for dancing, well behaved crowd (also helps this is a ten minute stroll from my house).

Corsica Studios in Elephant and Castle - not any night specifically, (though I really wanna go to their Hyperdub one If you enjoy electronic music this is probably the best club in London for dancing/hearing quite out there stuff expertly selected.

Really enjoy the Saturday night at Phonox which is about 7 quid on the door. Mostly techno here though and have had mates a little bored of the music.

I don’t venture North or East that often for a night out due to the hassle of getting home, but have had a lot of good nights at XOYO (just make sure it’s not a student night), Oval Space and Oslo. Also hear lots of good things about the Nest.

My pals run Passionate Necking in Peckham. It is excellent (but on a Friday).