Good Day Sunday (the 15th)

Morning all.

Didn’t have a drop to drink last night so feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Gonna engage my SSPP (Standard Sunday Porridge Protocol) soon. Then head out for my standard walk up the canal and down the river.

Then library. Think i’m going to Brewdog for tea because have a free punk ipa voucher that needs using, don’t even really like punk but :man_shrugging:

What’s everyone else up to? Making use of the good weather?


Morning @Unlucky

Been up for an hour with the little one, who’s now on his third breakfast. Today will mainly be about watching Brighton Marathon, which closes off both ends our road, so we can’t do much else.

Mornin. 7.5/10 hungover. Heading down to the shire for the day so meed to get my act together. Gonna engage some SBP and get a move on.

Bf keeps waking me up early on the weekend! Yesterday 6am, today 7am. I need to start getting him really drunk so I can get a lay in.

All I have to do today is go to my parents and swap the temporary car over for another one my dad has. Might go gym but not fussed.


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Just about to go to bed (because I am wild and live a full and interesting life) but am engaging SPB&JoCBP first.
Wake up then beer and Sunday lunch with an attrative

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hi fellow earlyish risers a

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Got into some bad things with some m9s last night. Would ideally like some more sleep but I left the heating on the timer by mistake so woke up a bit sweaty. Opened the window but now these stupid birds are carping on :roll_eyes:

Have to play a festival today. Lift down to it is at 12:00 but we’re not on until 21:15. Absolutely cannot be arsed.

Hangover audit

  • Zilch
  • feeling slightly tired from drinking last night but not an actual hangover
  • mcnulty.gif
  • :grimacing: :grimacing:

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Had a couple of beers, but literally just that, so no thick head today.

Not had a drink since Tuesday :open_mouth:

Today I’m gonna have some breakfast (yoghurt and banana and a coffee)

Then tidy up a bit. Have some lunch (falafel + salad wrap) watch a mix of football and cycling, play some videogames.

:man_shrugging: not a bad day at all.

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Morning. Hungover which is rubbish cause I’m a father to a 5 month old. Going swimming with wife and baby before doing bootcamp. I’m certain i’ll be feeling brighter soon !

Not looking forward to being on national express with even a moderate hangover :grimacing:

Going for “a ride”

Can’t be “arsed”

Lovely lovely wedding yesterday. One where it perfectly captured everything that is wonderful about the couple.
Then caught up with two cousins I’ve not seen in 10 years who were also staying with my grandparents which was lovely and hilarious (although made me feel old as last time we saw them they were 8 and 11 :grimacing:)


Went to a wedding yet youre answer in the hangover audit is zilch?

Don’t think you weddinged correctly.


Bike twat

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Morning! Been out for a run. Daughter’s birthday party this afternoon so need to entertain 30 5 year old for 2 hours :grimacing: I’m in charge of balloons and music.


Overground closed :expressionless: why is it always fucking closed?

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