Good electronic music compilations/mixes



Stumbled upon Radio Rothko by Deadbeat. Really good some Basic Channal in there and all that dark minimal techno.


Shackleton’s Fabric Live mix from a few years ago (#neverforget)
Nicolas Jaar’s Essential Mix - heavy Twin Peaks vibes
Thought I knew loads but can’t think of any :confused:


Big fan of Modeselektor’s first Modeselektion compilation.


Henrik Schwarz, AME, Dixon - The Grandfather Paradox: A Journey Through 50 Years of Minimalistic Music


^This to Shackleton


Logical Progression and other Good Looking comps (esp earth vol 3) are great if drum & bass is your thing


coldcut - journeys by dj. the first comment says “one of the best dj sets ever recorded”. i’m inclined to agree.