Good ev


Working, likely for quite a while yet. Then a train to Leeds so I can sleep in a budget ibis. What a day!

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Good eV. Had a bit of a headache since about 3pm which is always nice. Maybe it’s this weather?

En route home for a bit of self care.

How is everyone?

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it’s certainly an ev



Good EV

just playing Sonic 1. Totally normal thing to do in 2019

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Back from visiting MrS. Feel completely drained and exhausted.

I stole 6 cupcakes earlier and just walked in on somebody stealing one from me. it’s dog eat dog.


Change back to CowCow, please, it’s confusing.

Happy Thursday.
My boss just sent me a WhatsApp message ‘has anyone got ____ a leaving card?’ ffs.
I wonder why he’s asking me? I’m sure it’s nothing to do with me being (well until recently) the only woman in the office :thinking::roll_eyes: this happens every FUCKING time. Every birthday, every leaver.
Why not ask someone on his actual team?!

I am making him a cake tho cos I do like him.
Just paused from measuring to bash this out cos I’m mildly raging.

Fish n chips for tea - do homemade ones get rated?

Really fancy a drink now.


That’s such poor behaviour. I got asked (by another woman) if I was taking minutes in a meeting that I’m merely an attendee at this morning. I don’t think anything was meant by it but still couldn’t help thinking it fed into that whole culture.

It always calms me down too.


might have my 2nd bath soon

Still home alone. Gonna venture out for some unhealthy food and alcohol…and maybe some milk, to at least present a veneer of holding it together and living like a proper adult when left to my own devices

Alright. Kiddo had her MMR jabs and was a total trooper. But bedtime has been a, literal, scream. She had a huge meltdown (probably jab and overtired related).

Dunno what’s for tea but I feel like I need a beer now.


Good ev.

So bored. Sitting in an empty office doing nothing as my toogoodtogo Benugos bag isn’t ready until 6:45. Then going to see Andrew Bird at the Barbican.

need to order a fathers day present and one for mums birthday this evening. not going well so far, I have some candles.

Had the afternoon off :+1:
Because I had a check up at the dentist :-1:

(All went ok, fortunately).

Really no idea what to do this evening. Might read a bit and try and avoid the temptation to nip out to the pub for a couple of pints.

Good egg

Landlord is showing 11 groups of people around the house. Completely ridiculous, I can’t do anything in my own home for ages now. Hiding in my gf’s flat ATM.

Fucking fuming