Good ev

Great stress relief :woman_shrugging:

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Change back to S…censored… please, it’s confusing.

Edit - not sure what happened there!

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Having a beer and waiting on a friend, although she’s been help up at work.
I think I’ll order another :+1::beer:

I feel your pain. Just had two outfit changes im 15 mins due to wee and poo disasters :expressionless:

Not mine before the obvious :upside_down_face:


Of course

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M***********x, more like.


Rant time upcoming. I live in a lovely flat save for one thing. The floors aren’t the best, but this is compounded by the level of noise upstairs makes, seemingly without any thought for neighbours. I’m at my wits end. Thankfully it doesn’t go on into the night, but it’s what wakes me up EVERY morning and the first thing I hear when I come in from work. It actually scares me a bit, as the worst aspect is the banging of feet/bodies/an other on the floor which can be a shock because it shakes the whole house. They’re two kids of about 7 and 9, running back and forth endlessly across the (wooden)floor and clearly falling over as well, but the parents are no better.

I have never complained to them, save for banging on the ceiling once or twice which they ignored, but I remember one day when I was really ill and off work… And I went upstairs and introduced myself, thinking I’d appeal to their human side, and said I was really unwell and did the children mind confining their play to one room so I could rest. The mother replied (very unwillingly) ‘I suppose, for today’.

I’m not really looking for advice but just needed to vent.

My External Verification visit passed with High Confidence. Special mention was made of the sampling notes provided by the course I am responsible for. No mention was made of the fact those notes were necessitated by rogue departments delivering courses they really shouldn’t.

Eating pea and mint pesto with pasta now.


FO, Ms @anon76851889
I don’t know who you’re referring to.
I’ve always been a Gnome.


Watching some films, might switch back to Gossip Girl in a bit. Got some M&S honey mustard cocktail sausages and some brie for tea, and some cans of Lidl’s finest pilsner.

Just reply saying “no idea, I’m not in their team” and leave it that, ignoring subsequent messages. Also, wait until work hours to reply. Cheeky swine (they, not you)

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I’m home alone tonight. Should I:

  • Make a start on the organ / 60s garage / french psych mix I’ve been planning
  • Make a start on a mix of slow songs I’ve also been planning
  • RIP some more of my Record Store Day vinyl to mp3
  • Start a new tune in Ableton
  • Veg out and do nothing

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Making a kohl rabi/potato kinda gratin thing. Didn’t put any garlic in did I, I’m an idiot.

EMPTY!! Everyone round to @rob.orch s


Just hearing kate tempest for the first time

Whisky is a satisfying word to say


you have my deepest sympathies at this difficult time


Only if it’s preceded by ‘one’ and followed by ‘please’.

Yer a good lad funkhouser :tumbler_glass: